Michael Brown

Michael Brown from KHOW Radio.

“The reason [this show] is sponsored by BoulderEyes.com and Beyer LASIK is because this is a company that I believe in… they’ve performed the procedure on my eyes, and I’m incredibly happy with how this has turned out. No more reading glasses – I’m still making the adjustment, as they say I’m going to do for several weeks, with my nighttime driving, but my vision is amazing. It’s simply amazing.”

Kevin Costner“I was told by another ophthalmologist in Santa Barbara, CA that Dr. Beyer was one of the best LASIK surgeons in the country, so I knew he could help me out. Thank you Dr. Beyer and your terrific staff for doing such a fantastic job!”
Kevin Costner,
Actor and Singer

Kevin Costner“Since Dr. Beyer and staff did such a great job on my eyes, I knew I could trust him with my son Joe’s eyes as well.”
Kevin Costner

“My dad told me Beyer LASIK was the place to go for my LASIK. Wow! The day after my LASIK, I was 20/20 and played golf with Dr. Beyer. I’ve never been able to track my golf ball like that before! Maybe that’s why I won?”
Joe Costner

Tyler Hamilton

“Hi, I’m Tyler Hamilton and I’m here to tell you that if you wear glasses or contacts and haven’t had Laser Vision Correction, you’re crazy! As a professional bicycle racer who needed glasses to see 3 feet away, I had to continually contend with weather issues and sweat. I was constantly pulling off my eyewear in races and rubbing my eyes causing further irritation. I had very poor visibility in the rain or on a dark day or near dusk. I was worried about having anyone touch my eyes, but my worries about LASIK were unfounded and now, to wake up and seeing everything and, not having to fuss with eyewear on the bike, is fantastic! You should make a quantum leap in the quality and performance in your life by having Laser Vision Correction at BoulderEyes.”
Tyler Hamilton,
Pro Bicycle Athlete

Joanna“Getting Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) from Dr. Beyer has been life changing. I see better than I ever did with contacts and my eyes are more comfortable. The constant irritation and dryness from sweat and wind has been minimized. I no longer have to worry about losing a contact lens during a race, something that I always feared. I can see better in the open water and when I am riding my bike the obstacles in the road are much clearer. Even traveling on airplanes has become more pleasant. I am not sure why I waited so long!”
Joanna Zeiger,
2008 Ironman 70.3 World Champion

“For years I trained and raced without great sight. I tried contacts once in 1992. The first day I had them, I went for a bike ride and a contact blew out. Since that day, I never had prescriptive vision when racing. I was worried about eye surgery as it was a procedure that doesn’t have to be done. When I decided to get it, I knew that BoulderEyes is where I would have it done. Its reputation gave no other option. Now, for both training and work in the real estate business, I can SEE! I keep wanting to adjust my glasses around my ears, but I don’t wear them anymore”.
Wes Hobson,
Former USOC Triathlete of the Year

Annie“Only six hours after the surgery I sat up in my bed, I had tears in my eyes – I could see perfectly! I woke up the next morning, I looked out my window and started crying… I could not believe it… Fantastic vision! I had a million fears. Doctor Beyer answered every single question. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.”
Nederland, CO

Colleen“The low humidity in Colorado made wearing contacts very irritating so I wore glasses. To consider having LASIK surgery on both eyes at once was difficult for me to overcome but I finally learned enough about how safe LASIK is and did it.
Now, I feel as if I am seeing clearly for the first time since age 5. Hiking and snowshoeing without steamed up glasses is fantastic!”
Boulder, CO

Eveleyn“The actual procedure was fabulous. It was four minutes for both eyes. It’s a lot better than going to the dentist, no anesthesia, no pain and no lingering effects. I have to say too for women, it’s really nice to be able to put on your make-up right away without having to put on the contacts or worry about taking them out at night.”
Boulder, CO


“My vision was so bad that the contacts I wore had to be thick so when I’d come home after work I was dying to get them out of my eyes and put my glasses back on, which I also hated. Now, after LASIK, I still find myself looking around and marveling at how beautiful sight is to have the way it’s supposed to be. I did a lot of research on the internet, searching international societies to discover who sets the standards in both the US and internationally and found that Dr. Beyer was one of the top in the field. He is truly excellent!”
Boulder, CO

Dana“It was easier than getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist. Dr. Beyer was great. Any questions we had he answered– he could relate to my concerns. We researched a lot of other doctors and he was by far the best. As soon as I sat up after the procedure I could read the clock across the room, I could see everything outside–there really aren’t words to describe it. This is probably the best thing I’ve ever done.”
CU Student